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Encapsulation of the module by applying the right pressure and temperature to laminate the various components. The crucial factors in the laminating process are the raw materials, temperature, vacuum and pressure.

Lamination is one of the most critical processes in the solar panel manufacturing line; it ensures the quality and durability of the photovoltaic module. The relevant materials are positioned on the glass of the photovoltaic module to be inserted into the laminator. Next, a vacuum is created in the chamber in order to remove the air from the front of the module; pressure and a previously-set temperature are applied, resulting in a compact laminate.

• One opening and two steps laminator.
• Cooling press.

Advantages of our Laminators:

1. Homogeneous heating plate, e.g. temperature uniformity ± 1.5ºC
2. Fully automated process, ensuring repetitive quality output.
3. 3 or 4 shift operation (24/7).
4. Active pin system within stack (vacuum chamber), ensuring homogenous heating of the glass plates, thus mitigating glass breakage (OPTIONAL)
5. Membrane tensioning system.
6. Virtually maintenance free of operation.
7. Smooth integration into existing automated production line.
8. Touch panel operated.
9. Interlink with overall MES system.
10. Remote diagnostic (OPTIONAL).