Posted by admin at February 6, 2022 10:14 am
Module mounting structure aluminum and hot dip galvanized

1. Roof Top
– A half rail bridge system for continuous portrait PV Module Mounting Structure with flexible fixing mechanism
– Made of high quality Aluminum
– Minimum number of parts
– Quick installation
2. Ground Mount Systems
– Single post with drilling concrete filling
– High Strength steel with corrosion protection
– Superior System Flexibility
– Inclination : 0 degree to 43 degrees with option of season tilt
– Only two types of Fasteners |Lesser number of part members
– Flexible for landscape/portrait orientation
3. Carport Mounting System
– Versatile structure, useful as driveway shade, carport, charging stations, backyard shade/patio
– Roof Inclination: 0,5,10, 15 degrees | Optimal spans between columns, typically at least 17 feet
– Standardized designs to streamline the permitting process
– Foundation types include micropile, drilled shaft, and fully ballasted