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Ribbon is a copper-based flat ribbon used to connect silicon cells electrically and to carry out current in crystalline silicon and thin-film photovoltaic modules.Ribbon is made from oxygen-free copper core base, offering exceptional electrical conductivity combined with guaranteed elongation and yield strength. Ribbon softness reduces cell breakages and electrical resistance in PV modules.The latest annealing and plating technology in interconnect PV ribbon products is completely chemical-free and compatible with new lead-free soldering alloys and saves energy. It was developed to help our customers to improve their production yield and product performance.PV RIBBON is a hot dip solder coated copper conductor of flat shape used in photovoltic solar panels.

1. PV Interconnect
The Interconnect ribbon is directly soldered onto silicon crystal to interconnect solar cells in a solar panel.The interconnect ribbon carries the current generated in solar cells to PV bus-bar.
2. PV Busbar
PV Busbar is a hot dip tinned copper conductor installed around perimeter of the solar panels. PV bus-bar connect interconnect ribbon to the junction box.