Posted by admin at February 27, 2022 3:53 pm
Tabber and Stringer


Makes cell strings, connecting the cells by soldering tabs along them. Every front side of the cell is connected with the back side of the next cell.


Our combined Tabber& Stringer machine allows easy operation with accuracy and reliability. Our proven technology, combined with modular design and advanced features are key factors for very low TCO and high productivity. Advanced control of the IR soldering process and servo driven conveyor as standard, are the most outstanding features of the machine, together with the tab feeding system.


1. Cell vision check.
2. Cell temperature control with several steps.
3. Timing control for auto-diagnosis.
4. Modular design with several options.
5. Up to 12BB wire or flat ribbon
6. Whole or half cell handling
7. Up to M12 (210×210) cells.

Main Features:

1. IR soldering.
2. Flux dispensing on the fly without contact with the cell.
3. Anti-camber systems to improve the tab’s straightness.
4. Multiple process recipes, so that the same model/module can assume different process parameters depending on the materials being used.
5. Flexibility to be able to process different cell models and dimensions with a minimal change-over time.